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Airbus and a gap analysis of principles and leadership styles within

A recent survey of senior executives from 197 companies worldwide with sales exceeding $500 million found that less than 15% compared the business results with the strategic plan performance and delivered only 63% of their potential performance (Mankins & Steele, 2005).

Some top-level and mid-level managers identify misaligned goals and leadership as the largest challenges (Sy, 2005). Additionally, Carson (1992) reported that 80% of organizations in the USA with 100 or more employees have assigned employees to working groups identified as teams. To support organizational goals the team design may vary but the results have been very consistent: over 50% of team members view their cross-functional team’s work as unsuccessful, with weak leadership being referenced as a major contributor (Proehl, 1996).

For your Portfolio project, perform a strategy-to-performance gap of the leadership skills used in your organization (focus on cross-functional teams, if used) and recommend how the leadership skills could be improved to support the organization’s vision. Your paper should be professionally presented in APA format, should be between 11 pages, and should demonstrate a thorough understanding of various leadership styles and theories, but more importantly, it should focus on the application of those theories to a real organization. The organization you write about can be a school, church, non-profit, government, military, or corporate organization. 

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