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AMS 206 Secondary Source Report: A cultural text to research: Janelle

SLOs Interdisciplinary arguments of AMS; Primary and secondary sources You will choose a cultural text to research: Janelle Monae’s Crazy, Classic Life (4/27/2018); Dance contest scene from Saturday Night Fever (1977). Your goal is to write a short report that presents the framework with which you could make a cohesive argument with research support. Your arguments (#1) and general sources (#2) and scholarly sources (#3) selected to make your points. You will not be writing an essay – you are mapping out a possible essay.

1. Using interdisciplinary arguments of AMS 1-2 paragraphs outlining the concepts and ideas from the readings you think relate to the example you selected. Do not describe your example. Do connect the example directly to specific arguments in the course readings and course material, using the terms used in class (such as intersectionality).

2. Two general source entries that familiarize you with the example. These sources are not interpretative but informative. These can be primary (as in reviews at the time) or informative (an interview with Beyoncé; an explanation of the history of disco). You should include 2-3 sentences explaining what the source provided you. Be sure that the explanation links back to your #1, interdisciplinary arguments, and relates to #3 secondaries. a. Example: Erin Cunningham, “Why Beyoncé Wore That Lemonade Dress,”, April 27, 2016, alli, accessed January 2, 2017. This source discusses the theory that the yellow dress, designed by Roberto Cavalli, was chosen because it represented Oshun, a goddess in the Yoruba religion of West Africa. This essay does not provide definitive proof but does quote an interview with Beyoncé that suggests the dress captured some “feeling” the team wanted to convey. Stronger evidence links the color of the dress to Oshun, and links the symbolism of the goddess to themes in the song. This link to the cultural past of African Americans addresses the intersectionality of identity that I would like to talk about.

3. Two secondary source entries secondary sources (can be reviews and texts) The ungraded workshop will determine these three characteristics. Your sources relate to larger contexts, scholarly arguments, or the concepts of the readings. You can rely on scholarly reviews if the review is substantive; you would provide both the source and the review that you are relying on. a. Your sources must be i. Interdisciplinary ii. Scholarly iii. Interpretative b. Each entry should include i. a full citation in correct MLA or Chicago format, ii. one paragraph explaining what interpretative framework, argument, or ideas iii. 2-3 sentences on how you would relate the source’s argument to your own about your example. Link to #1 (arguments) and #2 (informative) in some way.

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