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Architect a Microsite

Chose McDonald’s as your brand. Requirements: As part of the sales pitch you’ll be designing a microsite (a small, separate website focused around a specific topic) around your specific campaign and big idea. The site will have five pages in total. In this assignment you’ll be crafting a strategy for the microsite. In your strategy include the following sections: Introduction A brief overview of the microsite including the overall subject matter and how it will fit into the overall campaign. Objective What do you hope to get out of the website? What is the conversion? How will you measure it? E.g. what are the KPIs? Content Outline five pages and include the following information for each: Page name Page headline One paragraph to give an idea how the full page will read What specific features or functionality are needed? E.g. a mortgage calculator Call to Action Write one call to action that encourages users to convert Search Engine Optimization Identify five target key phrases. These should be “long tail” and not branded. If you’re brand is Nike for example your target keyword would not be “Nike” or “Shoes” but it might be “Fashionable Running Shoes.”

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