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Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in still today?

TOPIC: Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in <geography> still today?


There will always be a divergence of skills in society. In addition some people will simply work harder than others. Society will have high and low income earners. But it is a problem when some parts of society have their income levels fall excessively compared to the wealthiest part of society. This is a particularly severe problem when poverty becomes excessive and it endangers the health and safety of some members of society. Recommendations could be made to reduce the level of income inequality.


In this paper you would find a measure of income inequality and use it over time in a country to determine the trend in income disparity. It may also be effective to compare income inequality between two countries. (Comparison between more than two countries is possible but the more countries involved, the less likely there will be enough detail to effectively cover the details.)



Question / Problem Definition:


In this section you should outline the topic for the paper and ask a specific question.  Please remember that I do not want a descriptive paper but rather one that answers a question.




In this section of the paper you should analyze the information that you have collected.  State both sides of the argument and make sure that you are treating the subject objectively.


Conclusion and Recommendations:


In this section make sure you answer the question from the first section, that the analysis in the third section supports your answer and that your answer is definitive. Make sure that you make at least two practical recommendations

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