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Case Conceptualization Presentation (Diagnosis/Assessment/Treatment Plan)


Case Conceptualization Presentation (Diagnosis/Assessment/Treatment Plan) 

Students are to complete a Case Conceptualization Written Case Report on a fictional patient .. Altering all identifying data, create a fictitious client based on a person whom you’re familiar with (or worst case scenario you and I will agree on a famous client). Keeping in mind not to involve the actual person in anyway. Complete the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment plan as if you are working in a mental health agency and using CBT approaches. All sections and subsections listed below must be completed to receive full credit.

The case report must be typed, double-spaced, follow traditional margin settings, the writing style, formatting, and referencing guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual, 6th edition. Please remember the book uses DSM-IV manual, you are required to used DSM-5 for diagnosis and discussion of the problems. Required sections of the Final Case Report: 1. Section I Case History 2. Section II Case Formulation 3. Section III Treatment Plan

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