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COM210: Writing atWork Project#1:Innovation Informal Report The

For your first major project in this course, you will write an informal report addressing how an innovation from within the last 2-3 years could be applied to your unit or department at work. Your report must: • Be in the form of an informal report including heading and formatting elements 

Be 600-1200 words long, not including the addendum • Reference at least 3 reliable sources • Cite sources using either APA style or “neat” links where a web address is embedded in text using descriptive hyperlinks (here is an example of a “neat link”) • Address the audience (in this case, your direct supervisor) as an educated and involved reader who is not necessarily an expert on the topic

• Use standard English and avoid jargon and technical language The preliminary draft of this assignment is worth 5% of your final grade. The final submitted draft of this assignment is worth an additional 10% of your final grade. Detailed Instructions Thetitleofthereportmustbeintheform:“ARecentInnovationin[theparticularfield]:[thespecific innovation].” Example: a report on software thatis a radical improvementto Blackboard entitled: “A Recent InnovationinOnlineEducation:NewSoftware,‘ICan’tBelieveIt’sNotBlackboard’” Content Requirements: In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, your informal report must include the following: • Contextintheformofabriefdescriptionofyourdepartmentintheorganizationwhereyou work and the field in which the innovation has occurred Theorganizationcanbeyourinventionorarealworkplace,butitmusthavesomeconnectionto the field mentionedinyourtitle. • Clear explanations ofwhatthe breakthrough is and how it works. Keepinmindthata“breakthroughisnotnecessarilygoodorbeneficial.Cloningoratomic weaponswere undoubtedly innovationsin theirfields, butthey are not universally regarded as positive developments. • Summaries of 2-4 differing opinions ofthisinnovation These can be pro and con or can emphasize different kinds of benefits or risks. • Atleastonesuggestionforhowtheinnovationmightbeimplementedinyourdepartmentor unit COM210: Writing atWork Project#1:InnovationInformal Report For example, areport on “I Can’tBelieveIt’sNotBlackboard”mightsuggestthatitbetestedfirst in 2 or 3 courses taught by technically proficient instructors and to junior or senior level students, and that a questionnaire/surveybedevelopedforeachparticipanttoassessthesoftware • Anaddendumwithresourcesforfurtherinvestigation,including theresearchsources youhave referred to in the body ofthe document.

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