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Common causes and effects of fatigue on workers in the Logistics Industry


What are the common causes and effects of fatigue on workers in the Logistics Industry?

 Question 2

Fatigue is accountable for many incidents within the Logistics Industry. What factors are there that increases errors and accidents that can be pointed towards fatigue as a cause?

 Question 3

To what can you contribute fatigue effects to workplace performance and contribution to workplace accidents?

 Question 4

There are many thoughts on what lifestyle changes people can make to better manage fatigue. List three (3) of these and explain them.

 Question 5

What are the current relevant regulations, legislation, permit and licence requirements that relate directly to fatigue management?

 Question 6

What are the processes and resources that could be utilised to assess the competence of employee fatigue management?

 Question 7

Within the Logistics industry, list three (3) ways you could recognise fatigue.

 Question 8

List three (3) sources of information you could access on fatigue.

 Question 9

Describe the procedures for auditing and reviewing an organisational fatigue risk management system and related policies and procedures, and for reporting audit outcomes that organisations could put in place.

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