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Cultural Mistake

Choose a cultural “mistake” that was made by a US corporation that involved a lack of understanding of a market, country, culture, language or religion and explain, from class and the readings in Hill (the text) the following: 1. What was the mistake (summary) 2. From research or your analysis, how did it happen 3. Identify what the mistake “missed” and when it might have happened and what it was a result of (ie lack of operational planning, translation error, management oversight, etc.) 4. Take into account the size of the mistake – did the company have to withdraw the product from the market? Did the mistake harm the company’s reputation? Other? 5. Explain, in your opinion, how the mistake could have been avoided – planning, policy, training, etc (it does NOT have to be one of these but consider the root cause of the mistake). 6. How could this mistake be avoided in the future.

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