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Describing the issue and the importance to the nursing profession.

 This assignment contains two parts . 1. For part one, students will research the ANA website to view the Policy & Advocacy page: – Advocacy/State/Legislative – Agenda – Reports and the GNA Legislative Platform (see link in D2L). Students will select one current issue most interesting and/or most important to them. You will write a 2 – 3 page paper describing the issue and the importance to the nursing profession. Students w ill need to include at least two additional resources and follow APA format. 2. For p art two, students will identify their senators and representatives. Students will compose a letter to one of them expressing concerns and rationales for how they would like the legislative senators/representatives to vote in a particular direction for the issue in part one . See “Successful Lobbying” on D2L/content tab/legislative day. 

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