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Destination NZ – Data Visualization (Infographic)


The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the idea of data visualization as well as the genre of Infographics. Visual communication is an increasingly significant and powerful way to circulate information and make persuasive arguments. In addition, we live in a data driven world, and the ability to present data in clear and meaningful ways, with accuracy and ethical accountability, is emerging as an essential form of literacy. In this assignment, you will create a common type of visual communication – an infographic – based on data on International Visitor Arrivals collected by Stats New Zealand


You have been asked to provide an infographic to members of the Accommodation Industry in New Zealand. The general goal of the infographic is to provide information on why people visit New Zealand (purpose) and/or how long they stay (length of stay). However, it is up to you to focus the topic and scope of your own infographic. For example, you may decide to look at different story angles: • compare the data from different countries in a given year • compare data from the same country over a few years • compare length of stay data to other categories of data • or something else! It’s up to you what story you tell in your infographic. Pick data and a story that you think would be interesting. The only requirement is that you include some data on either purpose of visit and/or length of stay. The Challenge: Your challenge is to make your infographic tell a cohesive and coherent story from the data – not just a random collection of charts and information.

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