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Develop a prevention/mitigation strategy to address a crime problem

The State of New Jersey has called upon you to develop a prevention/mitigation strategy to address a crime problem. The program design must include an outcome evaluation strategy as well. The State of New Jersey will give you great flexibility to conduct your study. You will need to specify the type of study you will propose, clearly identify the independent and dependent variables.

Describe fully your research design and be sure to consider these subjections to guide you in answering the question. I. Describe your proposed prevention/mitigation strategy (1st page – Intro) Identify the issue. Give a brief synopsis of the program. Include your target population, how it will be implemented, and a method to roll out the program. II. Research Questions/Purpose & Provide a research question (2nd page – Lit Rev) Provide a short statement of the problem and identify and define your independent and dependent variables (use the exhaustive literature review to support why you would choose these variables). III. Sampling Design & Proposed Data Collection Technique (3rd page – RM) Identify the population from which you will sample, the sampling frame, the sample (including the sample size), and sampling technique to be used (i.e., describe the specific type of probability or nonprobability sample you will use and how). Thereafter, describe the method you will use (i.e., experiment, survey, content analysis, etc.) and the instrument you will use. IV. Human Subject Protections & Measurement Quality (4th page –“Findings”) Identify issues related to the use of human subjects/respondents and how you will address them. Thereafter, identify threats to validity inherent in your study and describe what efforts your study will take to control for these threats. V. Analysis Plan (5th page – “Implications”) Explain the appropriate statistical tests to be used and why (refer back to the exhaustive literature review. What type of statistical tests were used? Are they appropriate for your proposed evaluation?)

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