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Discuss how and why its important to the nursing profession

Section 2 • In section 2 You’re going to write about these three nursing qualities (Courage, Knowledge and Empathy) using the Articles that go with each quality. In the paper first write about Courage using the article about nursing courage and then knowledge using the article about Knowledge and then Empathy using the article about empathy. • Analyze the 3 qualities. • Discuss how and why its important to the nursing profession • No personal pronounce in this section of the paper so no (I, she, he, they) ext. • No transitional words (Therefore, firstly, however). Ext • No writing about opinions • Avoid writing about nursing students • One article per quality only. • Show evidence of Critical Thinking in your analysis.

Section 3 • Discussion and analysis of how your current perspective of the nursing qualities has evolved. • Evidence of new insights. • Discuss your points what your learning experience • You can use personal pronounce in this section. Paper guidelines:  Introduction, main body, and conclusion  Each characteristic/quality and symbol explained and discussed, with rationale for choice  Effective voice that engages the reader  Proper mechanics of writing observed – paragraphs with effective transitions, sentences free of grammatical and spelling mistakes, correct vocabulary and verb tenses

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