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Discussion Assignment: Panel on Defending a Status Quo Policy


You will be assigned to a position on a topic area. You must construct a 5-minute persuasive speech on this topic that includes cited and substantive information in defense of your position. Each panelist will deliver their 5-minute speech in the order listed below. These speeches should adapt to the information earlier speakers presented. Afterwards, you we will have a period of questions and answers from the audience and panel. The amount of question time will depend on available class time. Each speaker should be prepared to answer one or more questions! Failure to answer questions when appropriate will be reflected on your grade. If time allows, following questions and answer, each speaker will have to give a :30 second closing statement. This closing statement should be a strong closing argument that takes into account the diversity of arguments made by your opponents. Choose your final statement wisely! The purpose of this speech is to show that you can handle complicated material and dynamic speaking situations. You will need to narrow the scope of the issues to what is “important” given your rhetorical situation. You will need to use persuasive strategy in front of an audience that can ask you direct questions of your material and argument.  You will be assigned to a panel (a group of students speaking on the same day). Each group will have a particular governmental policy.


Each group member must turn in a completed research assignment to the forum on canvas. The research assignment should be specific to your topic. You will need to find four (minimum) total articles. FOUR ARTICLES: Two articles must defend your assigned area of the topic  AND TWO other articles must be against your area of the topic. Note all articles fit in a cookie cutter for and against perspective. That is ok, what you can do in this instance is show how the article argues for and possibly against your position. Help parse out the distinctions for your group. 

When posting your articles: 

Provide a quick synopsis of the main arguments (talking points) in your “for” articles. And a quick synopsis of your “against” articles.  

Download the complete article (PDF/Word document). Do not just post “links.”  

Your articles should be relevant, of high quality, and timely to the current discussion that is occurring in the public sphere.  

You will be graded based on the quality of your research. Failure to turn in articles will also be reflected on participation points. 




FINAL SPEECH OUTLINE: You must post your final speech outline Two days before you present your board speech. 

Have a preparation outline posted to your group’s page. This preparation outline will be used by other members of the group to improve/modify their arguments [slightly!]. We want high quality engagement and responses to one another’s talking points! Yes a bibliography should be included.

1) As with your first speech, post your preparation/presentation outline to your panel assignments page. I use this to review and grade your speech. 



Use a minimum of three credible, published sources. Cite your sources orally in your speech. 

Have a clear understanding of persuasive organization structures and strategies in speaking

Show an ability to speak professionally about a contemporary policy topic

Show adaptability in an extemporaneous speaking environment. Recognize that fellow panel members may help or hinder your case. Adapt accordingly.

Be able to confidently answer questions by an audience.

*A visual aid is not required in this speech. 

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