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 1. Use appropriate diagrams and relevant examples to illustrate and explain your understanding of Elasticity. In your essay, you are expected to address the following issues: a) Definition of price elasticity of demand and explanation of the expected sign. b) Measurement of elasticity. c) The range and the diagrams related to the values of elasticity. d) Definition of income elasticity of demand and explanation of the expected sign. e) Explanation and discussion regarding normal and inferior goods. ((((1500 words Maximum)))) Guidance 1. All the content in the essay needs to be typed and in house style: • Acceptable similarity rate: up to 20%. (((( I want the similarity between 9% and 16%, I do not want 0% similarity)))))) • Font: Times New Roman • Font size: 12 • Line spacing:1.5 • Margin: normal margin • All pages should be numbered (((Mark needed between 90% and 95%))) ((Marking criteria)) Introduction Mentioned background and stated clear objectives of essay. Body (10 marks) (50 marks) Organised into paragraphs with each paragraph linked in a meaningful way to those that precede and follow it. Appropriate diagrams have been used in relevance to the topic discussed wherever applicable. Analysis, integration and logical interpretation of the information provided. Conclusion (10 marks ) Reminded what the essay is meant to do. Provided an answer to the title and reminded on how the answer has been reached. Reference list 12 Refrences 4 Books 4 journals 4 websites All 100% Academic (10 Marks) List of references used in the essay have been provided in Harvard APA format with in-text citations reflected in main body. Overall structure


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