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Explain the different ways in which HR objectives can be delivered in


Activity 1 (1000 words)

Question 1) Explain the different ways in which HR objectives can be delivered in organisations. 

HR Generalist , HR Specialist, the role of line managers, Shared Services Model, Outsourcing HR services, Ulrich 3-legged model

Question 2) What is the business case for delivering the HR function in a professional, ethical and just manner?

Book 1 Ch2 p36

Consider the role of HR in promoting:

The HR should follow

Equality Act 2010, 

CIPD Code of Conduct + Ethical Practices and the role of HR

Equal Pay Act

Question 3) Set out and explain at least three criteria that might be used to evaluate the contribution of the HR function, and at least two key methods used to do this.

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