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Finance Case Studies for Encore International and Drillago Ltd.

Please refer to the Attached 2 Cases with their questions:

Encore International (1500 words)

Drillago Ltd. (1500 words)


When answering the questions for each case, the answer should be in the following format:


Introduction, a discussion and a conclusion for each of the concepts of the case studies


Required to use the information provided in the two case studies and complete the required tasks, which cover aspects of stock valuation in relation to dividends policy, Risk and return, the value of a firm, and capital budgeting decisions that include four different methods.

Apply correct formulas for calculation and provide a brief explanation of the outcome of the calculations.

Follow Guidelines below:


Provide an introduction for each question, in which key terms are defined using credible sources.  (8 Marks)

Apply the correct formulas to calculate the required items, and arrived at the correct answers. Calculation process is explained and results are discussed and compared where possible. (12 Marks)

Calculate the NPV and IRR and Payback Period using the methods of calculation and explain the outcome.
(10 Marks)

Explain the capital budgeting decisions and the rationale of these calculations, and the grounds on which a project is accepted or rejected (6 Marks)

Conclude the answers and discuss the main findings.

Overall organization, hand writing and appearance of answers. (4 Marks)

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