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Games simulations and virtual words in nursing education

Module 6 Written Assignment: Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds in Nursing Education A screenshot from the 3DiTeams game, shows buttons for tagging team behavior Image from Wikipedia uploaded by Gene Hobbs Choose a nursing education topic that you feel lends itself to the use of games, simulation, or a virtual world Identify the professional audience for this topic (e.g.: nursing students, staff nurses, the interdisciplinary team, or others). Select the best tool for this instructional delivery (game, simulation, or virtual world). Provide a rationale for your choice. Describe the design of your topic using the selected tool. Discuss the key advantages and disadvantages of this instructional delivery. Summarize the impact of technological tools on the future of nursing education. Directions: Compose a four to six page paper (exclusive of the title page and reference page). Address all elements as outlined above. Include at least two scholarly resources from the nursing literature, in addition to the course textbooks. Adhere to all elements of APA format. Follow all guidelines of the Written Assignment Rubric.

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