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Homeless/pooer families and unemployment

Write about homeless/poor families and unemployment focusing on race and ethnic relations in the united states. the paper should be structed as follows: Include a MINIMUM of six scholarly references (social science journals, law books; etc.) Use ASA formatting. One of those references can be from ONE of our texts; but no ANON (anonymous); the other references must come from separate academic journal articles NOT news articles or random websites. Quotes are limited to four no longer than 40 words – no block quotes or bullets – graphs/photos are okay but do not count as text

4. Do not include Wikipedia or other encyclopedia/dictionary usages among the six references.

5. Use ASA writing style only; an ASA formatting guide can be found in bb learn under course content: all instructions or online. 6. Double-Space, use 12-point normal font (similar to Times New Roman) and margins no greater than 1.25” on all sides. DO NOT MANIPULATE FONTS AND/OR FORMATTING TO SATISFY THE LENGTH CRITERIA (SHORT PAPERS WILL NOT EARN CREDIT).

#Homelesspooer #families #unemployment

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