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Homelessness among US veteran community

The purpose of this assignment is to integrate theory and advanced concepts in macro/micro practice. The focus is intended to cover course readings, issues informed by current events in the environment and your own research. Answer each section of the question and be sure to integrate readings from the bibliography that have informed your theoretical understanding. You are encouraged to use critical thinking, express opinions and reflection in your responses. Cite at least four (8) references, using the publication style of the American Psychological Association. Research and write a community analysis in relation to an identified social problem (homelessness among the US veteran community). Address the following: Describe the community problem addressed in the analysis (include statistics). Methodology i.e. how did you collect the data?

This could be through interviews (directors of agencies, police precincts, religious leaders), census data, historical records, CCS (Citizens Committee of Children Kids Count), Kids Count (Annie E. Casey Foundation). Describe overall observations about the targeted neighborhood/community Location and physical description Summary of demographic information and changes over time History and culture. Description and analysis of internal resources: residents’ strengths, interests and ideas, and potential leaders. Residents: homeowners and renters Faith-based institutions Business and property owners Social-service agencies Community organizations Large institutions located in the neighborhood

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