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How is Technology Altering Our Brains

The next step is to prepare the final version of your paper. Remember, it should eventually contain the following elements: First page: A separate page with the title of your paper, your name, student ID, email address, and other identifying information (course, quarter, instructor, and date) Introduction: Introduce the topic as well as define your analytical question/statement Description: Present the results of your research in detail Discussion: What is the significance of your research to the question or problem? Answer: Answer the question or problem you posed Conclusion: Summarize the main points (and maybe more, e.g. explain the significance) References: All of the sources you use should be documented here The term paper should be approximately 1250 words in length (from Introduction to Conclusion). 1250 words is approximately 5 pages of printed output when double-spaced using a proportional 11-point font.

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