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Human Resource Management in Medicine

Description Based on the Topic Outline as a guide to develop a 10-15 page (not including title and reference pages) APA formatted paper. As a reminder a minimum of five scholarly sources must be utilize, cited within the text of your paper, and referenced. Please include the use of appropriate headings and subheadings throughout to help guide your reader and facilitate topic transitions, proper citations and references, and appropriate document format (margins, spacing, etc), as dictated by APA guidelines. FOCUS: Focus on the specifics (not the rhetoric). Focus on the impact (short/long range) and areas of action (how do we break down those barriers). Learning Outcomes: -Evaluate the merits of key functional areas of human resources’ areas such as organizational development, succession and workforce planning, strategic staffing, diversity training, cultural change, and rewards and recognition redesign. -Apply functional areas of human resources to resolve business and organizational issues, including global competitiveness. -Describe HR disciplines and they they contribute to overall organizational effectiveness.

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