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I am working on this assignment to pick a medical

I am working on this assignment to pick a medical health mobile app and use the Happtique guidelines perform thorough review and validation of the app using a 3rd party guidelines. please pick a good medical health mobile app in the USA to perform the review using the guideline or document attached.

Review the Happtique guidelines  (now named Xcertia) released back in 2013. Going back to the app you discussed (App I recently discussed is AliveCor KardiaMobile App, but you can use other apps) to conduct a formalized assessment of how the app would perform against the Happtique Standards.  You should focus on the four key areas of the Happtique Guidelines (Operability, Privacy, Security, and Content Standards).  

You paper should be organized as such.  Note that some apps may not fit all the requirements laid out in the guidelines.  As such, students are provided a range of latitude in interpreting both the standards and applying the  framework against the app selected (the goal is to engage in a rigorous evaluation to inform future decision making). Please use the rubrics to present a solid plagiarism free paper. I will be working of this paper as well while waiting for this one.

The paper should be 3-6 pages double spaced.  Students should use approximately 4-6 external citations.   

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