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Management Information System: The socio-political influences of the

1. Write a complete report 8-10 pages excluding table of contents and References to cover and to answer your research question. 2. Abstract, table of contents should be used in the report. Submit a soft copy to the safe assignment on blackboard and a hard copy in the class before the due date. Proper citation and references APA style required. 3. Be careful about plagiarism. More than 10 % plagiarized work will cause deduction of points. Only one student from the entire group should submit the report to the Safe Assignment. 4. Later than the due date submission is not acceptable but if the instructor allows you for late submission then it will be consider as late submission with a deduction of 20 % of the total points. 5. Please fill and attach the below cover page with your report before submission Report Writing Guidelines: Your assignment/report must consist the following requirements:

1. Introduction: In this part, you will give an overview of your topic and the points you are going to cover. Research questions/hypothesis, problem statement etc 2. Methodology: Here you write how you will be collecting data using primary or secondary research what is your method. I suggest conducting survey questionnaire in any company/Organization in Saudi who are using information system. 3. Literature Review: Here you study the related research papers, books and online resources. In the literature, write operation definitions and theories/model etc.

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