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Management Performance

Description Subject: Internal and External Environments that Affect Strategic Planning . Review the Vision and Mission Statements of Saudi Electric Company (SEC) or choose an organization in KSA. Compare the mission and vision statements of SEC or company you selected with the characteristics chart on p. 83 of your textbook. Identify whether each of the features is present, or not and explain any gaps in the mission and vision statements that are revealed in this comparison. Do the Mission and Vision statements link individual, team, and organizational performance? Which of the ideal mission and vision statement characteristics are the most important to the company and why. Explore the gaps identified and indicate how these gaps may affect performance. INSTRUCTIONS: Assignment pages should not including the cover and reference pages, in the Assignment Dropbox. Abstract, keywords, body (with analytical and comparison thoughts, examples) and summarized and logical conclusion. No plagiarism or less than 10% Please follow each point required in the assignment to make the well arranged essay.

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