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Media Portrayal of Psychopathy in Forensic Psychology.

Find a Psychopathy related episode from a TV show on Netflix (Canada) or any other accessible source – Sherlock, Brooklyn nine-nine, Criminal Minds can be good examples. – It must be a TV show, and it should be one episode. – Explain if it is an accurate depiction of psychopathy on that tv show, according to the research papers. – Research papers should be about a study that has results and must be peer reviewed. -Please summarize 2 of the studies (provide me with the research papers) – The paper should not exceed 4 pages. —– Below are detailed instructions for the assignment. •Find 1 episode demonstrating your topic/issue –Can be accurate or inaccurate depiction •Find 3 peer-reviewed empirical articles providing evidence/support for your issue •Introduction – presents issue to discuss and TV show to be critiqued •Psychological Literature Review – Summarize your research articles and provide an overview of the current state of the field with respect to your topic (text can be used to supplement) •Media Portrayal – describe depiction in episode you selected and whether accurate/inaccurate •Conclusion – summarize key points and include at least 1 potential implication •APA format – see Canvas for resources •Maximum 4 pages, double-spaced –> no more than 4 pages, they will stop reading. •Times New Roman 12-point font •Include title page and reference page – in APA format (not included in 4 page maximum) •Proper use of APA format: –Title page/running head/layout/pagination/reference page •Articles –3 peer-reviewed empirical articles (not literature review articles – articles should describe a research study) •Introduction –Topic and TV show clearly introduced (concisely) •Psychological Literature Review –Summary of research –Summary of key findings –Clear statement of current state in the field, using articles to support argument •Media Portrayal –Provide brief summary of depiction of issue –Clearly state whether accurate/inaccurate portrayal –Integrates psychological research summary to support above •Conclusion –Key points summarized –Provides at least 1 potential implication (for CJS, public, etc.) •Writing Quality –Spelling, grammar, easy to read/follow

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