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Metoo movements in America. – Premium Paper Help

 Metoo movements in America.

In this assignment, you will choose a movement (area of activism) that interests you. You might build on the research of your first assignment or choose another topic entirely, and explore the problem situation using AU library databases, books, and other sources to develop the background and context for the  movement. You will also examine major events leading up to the problem and then describe the groundswell of actions taken by individuals and activists. You will examine motives and desired outcomes of the movement with the object of gaining insight into why this specific individual or individuals were driven to work they engaged in.  Finally, you will examine society’s response to the activism and judge whether or not the effort has been successful.

The objective of your Researched Essay is to the join an ongoing conversation about an activist and/or movement of interest to you. As you examine relevant materials, consider one or two conversations to focus on. You will develop summaries on each useful source that will form the basis for your final Essay 2. If you decide to use a different activism other than the one you researched in Essay 1 as a starting point, you will have to start all over again with research. The Annotated Bibliography will be your research effort for Essay 2.




As you read articles other materials, you will become familiar with various opinions and assessments about the situations and individuals under study. If you join a conversation that you feel strongly about – something you disagree with – you may be more compelled to write about it.

Organizing Your Annotated Bibliography: Review on AU Atrium:

 Hansel, Nicholas P. “Annotated Bibliography: How Dating Apps are Shaping Intimacy in a Digital Age,” Atrium 2018,

Here is one excerpt from Nicholas’ Annotated Bibliography:


Annotated Bibliography: How Dating Apps are Shaping Intimacy in a Digital Age

Nicholas P. Hansel

Source #1:

Aalai, Azadeh. “Are Dating Apps Ruining Your Love Life?” Psychology

Today, 28 Feb. 2017,

This article/blog post was written by Azadeh Aalai (Ph.D.). She is an assistant professor of Psychology at Queensborough College in New York. She is also an adjunct professor at New York University and previously was a professor at George Washington University. Aalai is the author of Understanding Aggression: Psychological Origins and Approaches to Origins.

 This source is non-scholarly. It was retrieved from Psychology Today, a magazine published every two months in the United States. It is a blog post and is certainly not peer-reviewed; therefore, it is non-scholarly. The audience is for a variety of individuals interested in psychological issues of today. Much of this has to do with relationships and ourselves. Some of the blogs and articles are targeted to casual readers while others are more scholarly in nature.

The article essentially summarizes the hopes and pitfalls of navigating the dating application scene in today’s world from a psychological perspective. Aalai discusses that she, in fact, met her partner via a dating website. The key ideas of the article are the seemingly infinite number of potential partners and the paradox of choice. This states that we think we will happier with more choices; however, often times “constrained choice leads to a more satisfactory life.” The important thing, she concludes, is to get out in the real world with potential partners and experience life. She urges users to experience the unpredictability of an encounter with another human, embracing their imperfections and considering how well they match with one’s own.

This text is very important and relevant to my research particularly because it is derived from a psychological standpoint. There is an emphasis on “shallow in, shallow out” which I will analyze on a deeper level as it pertains to superficiality. This source discusses how if someone is looking for just “hook ups” they will likely be able to find that relatively easily. However, as in the real world, looking for love, intimacy, and long-lasting companionship, takes time. In many cases, it takes failure as well. Are apps just tools/platforms or do they subconsciously alter our behavior? This source will be a valuable piece helping to evaluate this question. Aalai references the paradox of choice and I will use this commentary to inform my conversation as I confront the issue of user’s superficiality, as well as contentment. I plan to discuss the dehumanizing effects of viewing others as just a profile and how the vast choice of potential partners actually can harm us in our search for partners and in our current romantic relationships.


It is advisable to do some reading before you finalize a position on the topic. Remain open and focus your plan as you read. Since you will also discuss the possible counterarguments of your position, you will want to find more than one source whose viewpoint opposes your own.


Read each source carefully and take copious notes. You may decide to add or subtract sources from your bibliography once you begin writing your argumentative essay. Often writing a paper reveals other issues that need addressing. 

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