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Negative Effects of Canada’s Multiculturalism on Minority People.


Essay should have 5 paragraphs (introduction, 1st point, 2nd point, 3rd point, and conclusion). Each point should have at least 3 supportive quotes. For example, the first point can be about discrimination (identity and accent and skin color, etc….). second point can be about marginalizing their existence. third point can be about stereotype (in so many ways). please use discrimination and stereotype they are good examples, but the other one you can write something different. Also, i have attached 4 attachments (the other family, the simplification of culture, an immigrants split personality, charter of right and freedom), on top of those you have to find at least 4 articles that talk about the points and use them in the essay (use quotes from them). in “essay 2” attachment their are information about how you should use quotes or paraphrasing

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