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News Analysis

 choose either a news article containing images or a very short news clip (we can look at no longer than one minute 30 seconds regardless of the length of the clip). Then go on to form a thesis statement that coheres around the impact of framing with regard to that narrative. Make sure that your thesis statement appears at the end of the opening paragraph and is contextualized as if addressed to the general reader. What is the role of the visual aspects (lighting, camera angle, photography techniques, etc) and the lexical aspects (words) in terms of how that news story has been encoded? You may also want to touch on the impact of sound/music, if applicable. As always, abiding by the conventions of grammar and spelling matter is essential. Also, it is important that you use scholarly citations only to back up your own ideas. Coherence matters as well (i.e. have your sentences flow from one to the next). It would be ideal if you chose a controversial/breaking news story reported on a widely popular news network (irrespective of whether you share the same political ideologies or not). Kindly implement your knowledge of framing, visual and textual communication to your analysis, having recourse to scholarly sources only to back up your own thoughts.

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