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NURS 2024 Assessment 1: Case Study

This assessment will consist of a clinical case report. The completed case report will need to be submitted via the Health of Older Adults (NURS 2024) course site Assessment 1: case report link by the assessment due date. Relevance: In order to plan and provide optimal person-centred nursing care, Registered Nurses need to be able to interpret clinical information and draw upon their knowledge of pathophysiology and evidencebased clinical practice. Therefore, the purpose of this assessment is to support the development of the skills needed to evaluate evidence and to develop reflection and clinical reasoning skills. What you need to do: Based upon the clinical scenario provided below, construct a case report. A case report is a detailed report of the client’s clinical presentation, nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis and nursing management plan. The case report will draw upon your knowledge of pathophysiology and relevant academic literature to support an evidence-based plan of care. The case report must be presented using the headings provided below.

A description of the content for each section of the report has been provided. It is important that all sections of the report are conceptually connected. For example, your knowledge of pathophysiology and your understanding of this particular client should underpin the nursing problems that you identify which should, in turn, drive the nursing management that is relevant for this clinical scenario.

Case Report: The case report must include the following: Introduction (1.25 marks) – 200 words Introduce the client and provide a brief overview of their case. Provide an outline of the purpose and structure of the report. You might like to think about the overview of the case study like a verbal clinical handover: what is the key information from the case scenario that would be relevant for the plan of care for this client? Primary admission diagnosis (3.75 marks) – 300 words Identify the primary diagnosis for the client (i.e. the reason the client was admitted to hospital). Provide a brief description of the pathophysiology and demonstrate how the presenting manifestations support the client’s primary diagnosis. Support this discussion using current literature (last 5 years). Nursing problems (3.75 marks) – 300 words Using your knowledge of pathophysiology and the manifestations, identify two (2) nursing problems that arise as a result of the client’s primary diagnosis. These problems may be actual or potential nursing problems. Provide a brief description for why these problems arise for this client. Support this discussion using current literature (last 5 years).

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