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Oncology Care

Background part of research: Statement of the problem (Introduction) specific clinical or policy issue to be addressed is described. Documentation of the existence and scope of the problem and the effects on individuals and the health system is presented. Provide any definition of terms. Describe a conceptual framework that will be used to clarify the issue and its resolution. This framework should be used to guide your project. Also Background information with relation to the problem

**The project being researched or problem is with an emphasis in oncology. I am trying to find research on stabilizing the patient outpatient, in a clinic rather than sending the patient to the emergency room. Meaning if the patient is dehydrated (Who has cancer) or low blood counts, low magnesium levels, they can all be “fixed” with infusions outpatient clinic rather than sending them to the ER where they would have to wait for 3-4 hours, be around sick individuals (when they are already immunocompromised) 

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