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Please find an online article that explains and informs about


Please find an online article that explains and informs about the challenge and solution to a business problem. The article must focus on using and applying DATA (quantitative) to solve a business problem.

The article can be a journal article or a leading newspaper (for example, The New York Times, or The Washington Post).

Please summarize the online article with the following structure and a word limit of 500 in three to four paragraphs.  

1. What is the business problem/challenge mentioned in the article?

2. How has data been used to identify or analyze the problem?

3. What is the solution provided in the article?

4. Please provide a reference of the article using APA style. 

Below is the Grading rubric, and the assignment score is in parentheses. 


Identification of business   problem/challenge

Quality of English writing 

APA reference and quality of research 


The student  has identified the problem clearly and articulated it in writing. 

The English  writing is grammatically correct and formatted. There is an opening statement   in each paragraph supported by facts and evidence. 

The writing  provides evidence of research. And APA reference is correctly formatted. 

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