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Porter’s Generic Strategies

 a) Porter’s Generic Strategies a) Listing those strategies. and based on the Text in the article on the June Oven, plus using the Required Readings and notes (including videos) to amplify and/or flesh out your arguments, reference the separate passages (instances) where you think the June Oven start-up management team/group might have followed or drew heavily one element of Porter’s Generic Strategies. Support your viewpoint(s) with crisp, convincing logic, based on Porter’s writings, indicating why you believe that your interpretation or interpretations of the June Oven start-up management’s thinking is (are) correct. b) Strategic Factors Analysis Summary: The Matrix (See Bb Notes) b) Assuming that the producers of the June Oven did not, or have not considered the use of the Strategic Factors Analysis Summary Matrix part of their strategic tool box, drawing heavily on the factors, in what ways and why, do you think that this tool can help, or might help with their strategy formulation? Using the illustration in the Summary, provide concrete and cogent examples of areas, based on the information in the article, that this tool can support June Oven’s strategy formulation. c) Propitious Niche c) Referencing parts from the article on the June Oven, provide crisp, convincing evidence (support) and reasoned arguments regarding whether or not, strategically speaking, the June Oven market represents a niche or a propitious niche for that matter, for the makers of the product. In addition, provide reasoned arguments why the current strategy may or may not be sustainable.

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