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Program evaluation

 You have determined based on a needs assessment that the program of your choice is warranted and needed with in your community. Formulate a fictitious organization, then select a program of your choice and plan to develop it . The organization is “Better Health Organization”- Better Health Institution is an organization that incorporates a board range of psychoeducational techniques that are aimed to evaluates children weight- related behaviors. Furthermore, they support research on the cause and consequences, potential prevention and treatment strategies to include behavior and environmental approaches. With this research Better Health Institution is able to create an evidence base to raise awareness of child obesity. The program that is being used is a National diabetes awareness program. the link to the website is below Things that need to be answered – Estimate your project development time frame (include timeline) – targeted population -What agencies or organizations are already involved with this health concern and might perceive your program as a threat? -What can be done to gain the support and endorsement of those agencies? -Should a coalition of interested groups be formed to address the health concern?

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