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Research current issues as it relates to Counseling Gifted

Research Paper: Students will research current issues as it relates to Counseling Gifted. The research project MUST consist of 5 referenced research journals and textbooks (including the text books from the course. The topic will be based on the assigned chapters.

The research project should be at least 10 pages in length; NOT including the title page and reference page. It MUST be typed in APA format. Students will submit the following; * Title page * Reference Page * Paper must be submitted in APA format * Typed/double-spaced write-up pertaining to Counseling Gifted. Utilized your assigned chapters as a guide. The content MUST include concepts from your assigned chapter, appropriate models, programs and other profound research discoveries and/or findings. NOTE: Everyone will select a topic from within the assigned chapter from the textbook, research for current issues and content, and include chapters 8, 9 & 10 for foundation for selecting models and programs as it relates to your chosen topic and counseling the gifted.

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