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These guidelines are intended to provide you direction in writing your research papers. They are not exhaustive, but merely provide guidance in your writing. There will be some specifics on here, but by and large, I cannot tell you how to write your paper; that is your job. You are expected to write a research paper that does not merely summarize a topic but instead critically analyzes a topic and offers a discussion based upon previous research findings as well as your own opinion injected into the paper.  You will be expected to offer critical analysis and thinking to your topic, not just talk and talk for pages and pages. Pay close attention to the timeline below:

Final Paper Timeline:

Topics for the research paper must be approved by the end of Week 3. This means that you must be thinking about your paper from Week 1. Submitting a topic is not simply you telling me what you want to do; you must research your potential topic ahead of time and determine whether there is sufficient source material (e.g., Law Review Articles, Case law, etc.) prior to submitting. Make sure to follow the instructions on the topic, including uploading a researched case or article. Keep in mind that this assignment counts as 10 points toward the grade of the final paper.

To gain approval for a topic, please complete the Final Paper Topic Approval Assignment within the Week 3 Learning Module.


Drafts for the research paper (at least half of the paper completed) are due by the end of Week 5. This should not be a rough draft; it should represent a well-written portion of your paper (at least half of the completed paper)).

You submit this through the Final Paper Draft Assignment within the Week 5 Learning Module.


Final versions for the research paper are due by the end of Week 8. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!

You submit your final paper through the Turnitin Link within the Week 8 Learning Module.


Topic and Cases:

This is a course focusing on law as it applies to sport. As such, your paper must focus on an area of law within sport, physical education, and/or recreation. I have left it up to you to choose a topic of interest, but you need to make sure you have chosen a topic that is neither too broad (e.g., Drugs and Sports) nor too narrow (e.g., a topic with no case law). You need to have researched your topic before you decide upon it. It will be difficult for you to write a paper on a sport law topic for which you cannot find any cases. You can find case law pertaining to a topic from a variety of sources:


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