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Social Policy Analysis Assignments: Paper 01 and Paper 02

Purpose of This Assignment

This project involves selecting a social welfare policy bill introduced in a relatively recent session of a state legislature or at the federal level within the U.S. Congress. It may have been recently passed into law, it may still be under consideration, or it may have failed to pass. Students should check in with the Instructor to discuss their selected topic/policy to make sure it is an appropriate one for this course.

Important Notes

Keep in mind there are five sections of this assignment. Sections 01 and 02 will be handed in as Paper 01 and Sections 03, 04, and 05 will be handed in as Paper 02. However, the sections and content should flow from and build upon one another.

The due dates for Paper 01 and Paper 02 are for the second (final) submission, not your first submission. So, it is strongly recommended that you submit your first version early enough to give yourself time to view its Originality Score, revise to improve, and submit the second(final) version by its due date. If you only submit once by the due date, that will be the paper that will be graded and assessed for deductions is the Originality Score exceeds 15%.

Safe-Assign Plagiarism Detection/Originality Report

A plagiarism tool used through Blackboard, called Safe-Assign, will be used to evaluate your Policy Analysis Papers 01 and 02. Any Originality Score from Safe-Assign that exceeds fifteen percent (15%) will be assessed a ten percent (10%) deduction off of the final score of each paper to which it applies. For example, if your Originality Score on Policy Analysis Paper 01 exceeds 15%, and you otherwise earn an 80% on the paper on its merits, your final score for Policy Analysis Paper 01 will be 70%. You will have the opportunity to submit your assignment twice, to view your Originality Score, and to improve upon this score, and then to resubmit your revised version. Your second/final submission and its Originality Score will be the one the instructor will use to assess deductions for lack of Originality.

Important details on Safe-Assign, how to submit your first version, how to view your Originality Score, and how to revise your assignment to lower your Originality Score are in the Blackboard Folder titled “Safe Assign Plagiarism Detection/Originality Report. You are strongly encouraged to read it and use the opportunity to view, revise, and resubmit any of your Policy Analysis Papers that exceed 15% on their Originality Scores.

Selecting Your Policy

The first step is to think about a general topic of interest. Identify a social problem and/or target population you are particularly interested in and care about. Next, you will need to find a specific piece of legislation that addresses this issue. A number of examples are provided below however, students are not limited to these topics. You can get ideas by visiting the websites of various advocacy organizations and by searching for bills that have been introduced in the Idaho state legislature (or another state) or the United States Congress on these respective websites. For bills introduced in the U.S. Congress, please visit the U.S. Congress website; for bills introduced in the state of Idaho (other states have similar websites), visit the Idaho Legislature website.

When selecting a social problem and piece of legislation consider some of the following:

It is popular enough that you can find sufficient information and research

There are people on both sides of the issue

Controversial policies tend to work well for this assignment

Examples of Social Problems and Related Legislation



Economic Fairness/Equality

Raise the Wage Act H.R. 2150/S 1150

Minimum Wage Fairness Act (federal legislation)

Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (paid family leave)

Ensuring Child Care for Working Families Act of 2012

Paid sick leave—Healthy Families Act (federal legislation) or New York City’s recent law



Immigration Reform (e.g., Joe Garcia’s H.R. 15, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act)

Policy analysis of kids coming across the border from Central America (William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008)

Idaho Expungement for Victims of Human Trafficking Act – S.B. 1154

The Refugee Protection Act of 2011


Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act

Human Trafficking Prevention Act 2014

Trafficking Awareness Training for Health Care Act of 2015

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