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Study the “Rogerian Argument Outline,” Rogerian Argument Thesis Statement,” and


  1. Study the  “Rogerian Argument Outline,” Rogerian Argument Thesis Statement,” and “Rogerian Argument Common Ground,” 
  2. Study the document, “Annotated Rogerian Argument work Outline” to understand the structure of the Rogerian Argument and to learn what the focus of each paragraph should be.
  3. Follow the structure in the outline document and create an outline for your Rogerian argument work
    • As part of the information you include for your Introduction Paragraph, write a complete thesis statement. Type the thesis in bold font to make it easy for your instructor to locate it.
    • At a minimum, the body paragraph outlines should include complete topic sentences for each paragraph and two or three supporting statements with evidence from your research sources. 
    • When you get to the Compromise/Solution section (body paragraph 6 on the outline), take time to consider a compromise that allows both sides to achieve part of their goal, that is measurable and feasible, and that does not ask one side to simply change their minds. Then, use complete sentences to fully explain your proposed compromise/solution. Your compromise must be supported by evidence from your research. Appealing to logos can be a helpful tactic here.
  4. Finish the outline with a few notes on what you will include in the conclusion paragraph.


      Due on 9/11/2022 @ 10 am


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