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Building your tools

This Quest is about acquiring tools or resources for your future Advertising Plan for week 4. There are many tools from which you can select. For traditional media, you can select the channels of communications. For digital media, you can select from a stack of different tools, and there are currently more than 5000 to […]

Julia vs Python vs R Model building & prediction phases for

The English (UK) has to be flawless. The material (entirely) has to be at PhD level. The attached template has to be followed. The background of Julia vs Python vs R – has to rely on big data [colected from phones/sensors/SaMD devices/wheater etc for personalized medicine as a base for predicting abnormal/dangerous variations of individual […]

                        Discussion: Building a Health History

                        Discussion: Building a Health History Effective communication is vital to constructing  an accurate and detailed patient history. A patient’s health or illness  is influenced by many factors, including age, gender, ethnicity, and  environmental setting. As an advanced practice nurse, you must be aware  of these factors and tailor your communication techniques accordingly.  Doing so will […]

A new technology museum building is being planned and is going to have

Question 2:   A new technology museum building is being planned and is going to have a photovoltaic surface applied to the entire roof area. The photovoltaic roof surface is capable of generating electricity from sunlight. The proposed shape of the roof is shown in Figure 1.       Figure 1 Proposed shape of the […]

Team Building: Do the moods and emotions of people around you

Write 2-page essay answering the following questions: Do the moods and emotions of people around you influence your emotional state? How do you “catch” other people’s emotions and “spread” your emotions? Why is this process called emotional contagion? What are some of the ways that leaders can help teams build cohesion within their work groups? […]

A risk assessment of a real or fictional facility or building

The requirement for this assignment is to conduct a risk assessment of a real or fictional facility or building. This paper must be at least eight (6) pages and adhere to the stated policies for assignments. There are two models described in your Course Resource section (modules) which is in Course Content. Use the more […]

Compare and contrast building A and B

Compare historical building to its contemporary counterpart building b that you select from the current virtual healtcare/ postmodern period, the period which commenced in about 1995. This second building you select to compare/contrast with its historical precursor (building A) must have been built in 1995 or since. Include images and words to make your case […]

Urban planning-green building: Green building case study

The goal of the case study assignment is for each one to understand the opportunities, constraints and trade-offs involved in a green building project. Both the specific systems and the team structure that contributed to the project should be discussed. To the greatest extent possible, case studies must include original research, such as interviews with […]

Australian States/Territories: How do you become a Private Building

Concerns over the use of non-conforming building products and non-complying products in the construction industry has been a concern for several years. There is a multitude of products that are imported that do not comply with Australian standards and many instances of complying products being used incorrectly. This issue was advanced with findings of combustible […]

Review the article Meet the Man Who’s Building Sonos’ Audio Internet

Please review this article link: the Man Who’s Building Sonos’ Audio Internet Please write in 4 paragraphs. The 4 paragraphs should be blog posts about persuading passionate and loyal consumers about Sonus one and Sono Beam (Milington/Sonos). Consider the Fogg model of persuasion motivation, triggers, and ability. Also consider Cialdini’s concepts of scarcity, social […]