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Formative and Summative Assessment Tools

 Research formative and summative assessment tools that can be used at the secondary level. Create a graphic organizer or presentation tool to share the results of your research and include the following information: The roles of formative and summative assessments in the classroom setting Examples of both formative and summative assessment tools (a minimum of […]

Building your tools

This Quest is about acquiring tools or resources for your future Advertising Plan for week 4. There are many tools from which you can select. For traditional media, you can select the channels of communications. For digital media, you can select from a stack of different tools, and there are currently more than 5000 to […]

Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering are unique investing tools.

  PART 2: b) Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering are unique investing tools. How does the SEC view these two instruments? Use the SEC’s website to find relevant information about the SEC’s stance on these instruments.  Support your discussion with relevant citations from the SEC. Use APA formatting. Ideally, this part should not exceed one […]

Case Conceptualization: What assessment tools would you use and why?

PLEASE SEE SOURCES FOR CASE DETAILS In 4 to 5 double-spaced pages, students are to write up a conceptualization of this case in proper APA format with no less than 3 references. In conceptualizing Mirlande’s situation, use the Recovery Model to consider and discuss the relevant factors that may be influencing her current state of […]

Monitoring Tools for Compliance Plans

Must be in APA format and must  include reference citations in ALL writing assignments to demonstrate your research of the topic(s). Compliance Topic 1: 1.Clinical staff members are not washing their hands between patients. Compliance Topic 2: 5.Employees are not knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishers. It’s time to describe the monitoring tools for […]

Use of appropriate project management tools is essential for

Use of appropriate project management tools is essential for successful project planning and implementation. Depending on the nature of your project, you should consider at least one of the following tools to further understand the problem or process you plan to change: Fishbone Diagram Logic Model Driver Diagram Process Map Failure Modes and Effects Analysis […]

Assessment tools have two primary purposes: 1) to measure illness and

Assessment tools have two primary purposes: 1) to measure illness and diagnose clients, and 2) to measure a client’s response to treatment. Often, you will find that multiple assessment tools are designed to measure the same condition or response. Not all tools, however, are appropriate for use in all clinical situations. You must consider the […]

Computer forensics tools

 comparing/contrasting computer forensics tools. Submission Instructions: Develop at least three areas you can utilize to compare/contrast them (pricing, performance, availability, etc.) and then select your tools and develop your paper. You must compare/contrast at least five computer forensics tools. Submit your Term Paper in a Word file for grading. Specific Instructions for the Term Paper: […]

Alcohol abuse in Brooklyn: Identify assessment tool(s) to assist

Term Paper: • 3-page paper • APA style referencing • Ensure application of the GST to the topic discussed • Define the problem as related to the focus of the course (high risk families) • Discuss how problem is considered a threat to high-families • Identify assessment tool(s) to assist individual/ family to cope • […]

PSY 330 Conflict Management: Using the principles and tools from

The purpose of this assignment is to use some of the techniques and strategies that you have learned in this module to assess an important conflict in your life. Study the Unit 6 material before you begin. You cannot get a good grade on this paper without doing so! You primary objective in this assignment […]