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Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

The classroom is Elementary English containing students of Grade 2. As such, the classroom environment has twenty students of whom ten are boys, and ten are girls. The locality of the community is organized with low-class and middle-class families. It means that the children within the learning environment are diverse. For instance, there are pupils raised by grandparents, foster parents, and one parent (Homer, Hew, & Tan, 2018). Similarly, there is a diversity in the learning environment whereby two of the students are Hispanic, eight are Caucasian, and the rest are African-American. They have different abilities in learning that range from low-to-high. “Big Picture” The unit subject in social studies, the unit’s title is ‘involvement’, and the content entails getting involved and familiarizing with resources in society. Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Students need to ask for an explanation and clarification concerning the text and topics being discussed in class. They also need to be able to tell stories or recount experiences with appropriate and relevant facts (Côté, 2018). Besides, they need to give details and speak with a high level of coherence and be audible. Finally, they need to be able to provide appropriate descriptions of ideas and read text with a distinct voice. Content Summary and NETS-T Standard Being Met Learners need to be able to speak with coherence and an audible voice. They also need to be able to give relevant details while describing several phenomena. They need to ask the teacher to clarify any information that pertains to the health that they may give to society. Learners should be able to clarify how, where, why, what, and who have the resources that can assist society. “The NETS-S Standards are used by teachers as guidelines to structure technology use and instruction at each grade level in six broad areas—creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem solving,and decision making; digital citizenship; and technology operations and concepts” (Puckett, 2013, 5.4).

It is the role of teachers to be able to assist students in gaining an understanding of the learning environment and issues that pertain to it. Students need to understand the role that they can play in the community. In this case, they need to develop a high level of inquiry concerning matters in society and the role they play. They should master literacy information, technology, listening skills, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Students would demonstrate creative thinking and construct knowledge using technology on how to build a community and their involvement of being a positive part of society on how to make a difference. Materials and Hyperlinks During the lesson students would be provided with reading materials, images, construction paper, popsicle sticks, and glue stick to build a community. Links: Author: Amie Carlson Summative Assessment The summative assignment will be for each student to articulate. In this case, they will choose one of the ten society organizations and depict their involvement by using written words as well as pictures. This part of the assignment will be done individually. There will also be group work whereby students when you develop an organization they think will be of assistance to society. Describe characters, setting, and event of a community. The response must contain a strong topic sentence that introduces a community.

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