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The causation and significance of the war.

This paper is about your interpretation and your argument about the causation and significance of the war. You are building your interpretation and argument upon historical sources. This is what makes an historical analysis. This is what makes YOUR historical analysis. Requirements 1) 3 Pages. No more. No less. This means 3 pages of YOUR writing. No subheadings, no opening 4 lines with your name and date. Put your name and page number in the header, and that will be sufficient. I will count the title line, but that is it. Interesting titles are enjoyable. 2) No spaces between paragraphs. 3) Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, double-spaced. 4) 1-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right). 9) You start with a brief introduction of no more than 4 sentences which sets up the issues you have chosen to address. The point of the introduction is to prepare the reader for the rest of the paper. Therefore, you need to state explicitly in the introduction what you will argue in the rest of the paper. This is called a thesis statement. 10) You end with a brief conclusion of no more than 4 sentences which summarizes your analysis.

The point of the conclusion is to remind the reader of your argument. 11) The rest of the paper is your argument. Built upon the sources, the rest of the paper is your analysis. This is what matters most. This is why I read the paper. This is why you write the paper. 12) Write well and succinctly. Do not overquote. Do not use quotations longer than about a line and a half. Only quote important information. Do not just quote. Paraphrasing, summarizing, referencing, and other flourishes help to vary your writing and keep the reader interested. akes up how speeches and writings on Confederate monuments dealt with the topic of slavery: Girardeau, page 8 Breckinridge, page 23-onward Morgan, page 9-10, 13 Penick, page 8 Suffolk, page 17 Henkel, page 11-12 Harris, page 5

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