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The Islamic Republic of Iran is paradoxical.

 The essay proposal is intended to be the preliminary, planning stage of your research essay. The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you have a) chosen a suitable a topic and, within that topic, have b) formulated a reasonable argument, and c) found scholarly sources with which to make your case. Your proposal should be four (4) pages long. Two (2) pages should consist of an introduction to the general topic, the argument you intend to make, and some indication of what evidence or arguments your initial sources provide. The other two (2) pages should consist of an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY of at least three (3) scholarly sources you intend to use for your paper, which must not include any of the readings assigned for the course. The feedback you receive on your proposal should guide your approach to the essay. See essay assignment description for details. Your TA will explain how to write an annotated bibliography.


The Islamic Republic of Iran is paradoxical. On the one hand, it is an authoritarian theocracy. On the other, it holds regular elections whose outcome the Supreme Leader does not entirely dictate. Explain the apparent contradiction between a society with democratic desires and a regime committed to strict Islamic rule.

After the feed back u can start essay


Your essay should have a clear argument (a thesis) which relates to at least one of the course themes, must be double spaced, use Times New Roman 12 font, use proper spelling and grammar, and have citations and a bibliography. Your research should consist of peer-reviewed journal articles and at least one published book (or book chapter). There should be no fewer than seven (7) sources cited in your paper. You may not cite the course textbook as a source (and, as a general rule, you should avoid citing the lecture unless the information cannot be found in print). You may use one of the other assigned readings, but if so, it cannot count toward the minimum of seven sources. You must adequately document your use of information from the sources you have selected. Your TA will specify their preferred method of citation. Essays with no citations, or essays with no bibliography, will automatically lose 20%.



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