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understanding identity

 GNED 500 Chapter Critiques/Group SeminarsThroughout the semester, student groups will hold seminars that will last for 20 -30mins. Each group, composed of 2-3students, will lead a discussion on the week’s assigned readings. It is the group’s responsibility to outline the most important aspects of the readings. The group will also be responsible for facilitating class discussion. This means being respectful of everyone’s opinions, asking prompting questions, and being an active listener and participant in the discussion.What you will need: Summary: An outline of the most salient points of the reading(s) What is the author’s main argument? What are the key concepts outlined in the article/chapter? What framework is being proposed ( especially relevant for Chap 2 Social Analysis, Reading for Week 3 on Critical thinking and Chap 3 Media literacy) What evidence does the author/s use to prove the argument/s? Critiques ofthe reading(s) Does the author fail to discuss any relevant points? Are there any biases, gaps, omissions, generalizations, and distortionsevident in the reading? Are there concepts or sections that are confusing for your group? Research:Citing critical material from sources other than the assigned reading isnot required. However, citing independent research on the topic demonstrates initiative and your ability to applythese concepts to other areas of learning.

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