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What is the Proper Way to Display a US Flag?

 Instructions for What is the Proper Way to Display the Flag Introduction: What is the Proper Way to Display the Flag is a Discussion Board assignment that asks you to utilize both passive and active seeing. Many of you will have a strong reaction to the image in this assignment. As you engage in Academic Discourse and discuss the image, remember that opinions will vary, and everyone has a right to an opinion. Academic Discourse is the practice of using language for scholarship. This means that while engaged in discussion on a forum, users respect each other’s opinion, use scholarly language (unit vocabulary and no foul language), and strive for a higher level of comprehension. Learning objectives of this assignment: Differentiate between passive and active seeing Utilize active seeing Describe the roles that artists most often assume when they engage in the creative process Look up “What is the Proper Way to Display a US Flag,” Dred Scott, 1988. This is included in your textbook as Fig. 25-20. Task I: Look in your text at Fig. 25-20, (go to Chapter 25 in your REVEL e-textbook and click on the section The Critical Process) “What is the Proper Way to Display a US Flag?” **(please note: the title of the work is “What is the Proper Way to Display a US Flag?”, but answering that question is not the objective of the assignment.) Answer this question: Would you write in book? Task II: Research the artist, his life, and his background. Who was Dred Scott and why does the artist assume the moniker “Dread Scott Tyler?” What is the artist trying to say with this installation? Determine which role this artist has assumed. Explain your answer. Has your decision to write or not write in the book changed? As you write, remember the concept of “active seeing” discussed in your text. ** Cite two research sources. Task III: Create a thread in the Discussion Board. Post your written assignment. Task IV: Respond to at least one classmate. Be sure that your response is a meaningful one, one that elevates the discussion. ** Keep in mind that this is an academic forum where ideas should be freely spoken and respectfully exchanged. Everyone has a right to an opinion. Rude or threatening comments will result in expulsion from the Discussion Board for the remainder of the semester.

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