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What Was The Involvement Of James McElroy Have On John

What Was The Involvement Of James McElroy Have On John Gotti Case?


Your presentation should include:

  • Independent research
  •  Additional articles and studies supporting your view on the topic you have chosen
  •  A bibliography detailing your sources of information.
  •  An analysis of other similar cases to compare and contrast to the case/cases you select.
  •  You should consider including information from a primary source, which may include: interviews of Criminal Justice professionals or other individuals involved in the criminal justice system. 

As guidance you may apply some of the following when developing your presentation:

What techniques did the investigator employ in the case?
How effective were these techniques?
What role did outside agencies or groups play in the investigation?
What roll did politics in the issue reported?
What steps would you take as an investigator in the case?
How has the law affected the actions of the investigator?
How does this case compare to other historical examples of case investigations?

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