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William Bradford and the hardships that he faced in coming to a new

This paper crafts a close reading that explains some aspect about a text’s historical, literary, or cultural significance. Important: The texts you may choose from are any readings in the Norton Anthology textbook (9th edition) between pages 31-321 (not including biographies of authors). You may focus on explicating the chosen text’s theme or other literary elements or a form of both. You may refer to other texts, but the focus of the argument should draw evidence from the chosen text to say something, again, about its historical, literary or cultural significance. Truly think about what the text is saying to the reader at a deeper level than just the surface meaning. Some items to possibly analyze in the text are the language used or the relevant theme tied to cultural or historical values of that time period. If you are unsure and have a few ideas you want to run by me, please reach out and we can discuss them. To assist your argument, you will need to conduct some research. Important: The only outside research required for this essay will be two scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles. These can be found through the CPCC library’s databases. Click here for the link. Since sources will be used, it is imperative that the source material be documented both within the essay and on a Works Cited page in the 8th edition MLA style. Please refer to the handouts over the next few weeks to familiarize yourself with the MLA style. Length: 3 pages (not including the Works Cited page) Style: MLA, 8th edition Structure: MLA header (top left-hand side of first page) and title (centered) and a complete introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs and a conclusion; the format must be in an argument style Point of View: 3rd person only (Do not use “I”, “we”, “us”, “you”, “your”) Sources: Primary- Selected text and Secondary- 2 scholarly peer reviewed journal articles Format: Must be created in a Word document and submitted as a doc. or docx. file

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